Usborne Books & More

Usborne Books & More

Concepting: It Starts With A Spark

Big ideas require big vision. Hampton Creative was thrilled to help Usborne Books & More kick off their annual sales and leadership convention in a big way. The theme for the national event, “Be Brilliant” provided the spark of inspiration that powered each of our environmental design concepts. From a 8’ working Edison bulb to the super-sized coloring book vignette, each installation element was designed to inspire, surprise, and delight attendees.

Concept Renders

Build Out: Details Matter

Thoughtful environmental design speaks volumes and makes people feel special and important. Over the course of the three-day event, we strived to communicate that message to UBAM’s electric leadership team by creating memorable touch points throughout the venue. From the instant attendees stepped inside the convention center, to the magical moment they received their awards on the 40’ main stage, we sweated each detail…right down to the “More Store” entrance which resembled a giant stack of books. Brilliant!


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