TMT Ranch

A brand that leaves its mark.

Ranches are typically known for their brands. Brands on cattle that is. However, we had the opportunity to leave our mark in a different way. Our task was to take what was once just the “family ranch” and give it a professional visual identity suitable for its wild west history.

As a fifth-generation-owned ranch in the Permian Basin of Texas, TMT had no shortage of inspiration and character. Oil is their main business and they use their abundance of natural resources to keep things running smoothly. For that reason, we infused the oil drop at the bottom of the mark. The new brand helps give them more of a corporate presence and an official look for their business.

At the end of the day though this is still a family ranch with a rich history. For generations, they have visited and had great memories on the grounds doing a myriad of activities. These activities were incorporated into some of the brand badges like horseback riding and hunting.

We are grateful to have worked on such a fun project and we look forward to happy trails ahead for TMT Ranch! 🌅

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