Sky Fitness

Sky Fitness and Wellbeing was Tulsa’s premiere fitness center. With more than 10 years of an established presence in the Greater Tulsa Area with 2 locations, Sky has helped Tulsa get in shape through group fitness, bootcamps, yoga, and weight loss programs at their cutting edge facilities which are known for high design, convenience, cleanliness and a top-notch personal training staff.

The Challenge

After launching two successful gyms in both South Tulsa and Midtown, Sky decided to expand into a new market (Broken Arrow) with an innovative – yet compact – concept: 25,000 square feet of super-efficient and multi-use space, which was their smallest facility to date. While the new facility was under construction, (set to open in mid-December), Sky tasked us with the challenge to help them exceed their new single and family memberships goal within just 12 weeks. We threw down a protein shake and prepared ourselves for some heavy lifting.

The Approach

Our approach was to develop a targeted, multi-channel campaign that was attractive, interactive, and user-friendly. The thrust of the campaign focused on social media, which was supported by targeted direct mail and out-of-home advertising.  The incentive to become a “Sky Charter Member” was a substantial savings for those hearty souls who signed up before the official grand opening. As the grand opening of the new facility became closer, the discounts gradually decreased.

The Strategy

For this situation, we needed a strategy that was both focused on Sky’s segmented audience, but also broad enough to establish brand awareness within the Broken Arrow community. The primary component of the campaign included highly-targeted Facebook and Instagram branding ads, focusing on key demographics, psychographics and preferences. Qualified prospective traffic was driven to a custom landing page we designed, which promoted Sky’s value propositions and gave prospective members a single opportunity to share their contact information with the Sky sales team.

Over the course of the 12-week campaign, we developed a consistent series of social ads, memes, and videos promoting the new Sky Broken Arrow location.

Lastly, we designed a series of outdoor creative that counted down the grand opening and built brand awareness in Broken Arrow and Tulsa.

The Results

By mid-December, Sky of Broken Arrow had exceeded their new charter membership goal before the doors of the gym had even opened. In addition to meeting our primary marketing objective, we were able to help Sky significantly slash their average cost per acquisition of new members by 81% under their traditional advertising investment. 

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