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12 Days of Classic Christmas Campaign

In celebration of those classic and oh-so-fashionable Christmas’s of yesteryear, we took the Rustic Cuff 12 Days of Christmas Campaign in a nostalgic direction. Inspired by classic Christmas movies, iconic 50’s fashion, and Shiny Brite ornaments, we wrapped up an integrated marketing campaign that was sure to surprise and delight Rustic Cuff’s customers. Incorporating “vintage” video commercials and programming into the mix for the first time really put a bow on the 12 Days of Classic Christmas.

The Concept

Since the 12 Days of Classic Christmas campaign was primarily web-based, our goal was to develop a fun and memorable way for Rustic Cuff customers to interact and engage with the brand. Hampton Creative’s interactive team’s big idea was to turn the home page of the Rustic Cuff website into a vintage TV screen, featuring a knob that could be “turned” by clicking on the appropriate number. Each number corresponded to a daily product special, which was promoted by vintage commercial ad or programming.  See all 12 Days of Christmas commercials here(Special thanks to the team at Boomchaka Video Co. for the killer video production collaboration).

Large vintage TV displays were created and installed in each Rustic Cuff boutique and featured the 12 Days of Christmas commercials, as well as beloved Christmas movies. Each store also received a healthy dose of environmental graphic design and life-sized cardboard of an illustrated 1950’s “Vintage Jill” Donovan. From site to store, each campaign touchpoint visually communicated the spirit of a classic Christmas.


Marketing and advertising for the 12 Days of Classic Christmas were primarily driven by digital channels including daily emails, targeted social media advertising, and paid search/display – a new advertising channel for Rustic Cuff. YouTube advertising — another milestone — was also incorporated into the plan to leverage the vintage video footage and attract new customers and subscribers. In select markets, digital outdoor was used to drive traffic to retail locations. 

12 Days of Classic Christmas TV Guide

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