ORU Athletics

Hampton Creative, in partnership with Oral Roberts University, is proud to introduce a new brand and identity system that sets the visual direction for Golden Eagle Athletics for years to come. This intensive and comprehensive brand evolution provides ORU with an innovative athletic brand identity that looks forward to the future, while honoring the rich tradition of academics and athletics. Our mission was to create a progressive and flexible brand system which elevated ORU’s athletic programs.
ORU’s beloved (but often-maligned) “Eli the Eagle” made way for a new, more noble, logo which exemplifies the attributes of the Golden Eagle. This new eagle logo features clean, contemporary lines, and a confident visage. The logo reflects the essence of Golden Eagle Athletics – Integrity, Loyalty, Unity, Speed, and Strength.
The new ORU word mark is a refined and modern interpretation of the previous athletic logo, and features custom type which visually communicates positive momentum and forward progress of the ORU Athletic Department, while retaining the subtle, upward arch of the previous brand. The athletic word mark takes inspiration from ORU’s iconic, modern and geometric campus.
A custom number system and brand font was developed to support the new ORU athletic brand across a variety of applications. As part of the new program, all 14 of ORU’s intercollegiate sports teams will showcase consistent colors, logos, lettering and numerals. Photo: Conceptual basketball uniform featuring the new brand, type and number system.

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