LogoLounge Book 14


We are honored and humbled to be recognized by our industry peers in the upcoming LogoLounge Book 14. But what really excites us is how the brands we create elevate our client’s business and mission. These marks have shifted cultures and propelled companies into the future. Check out the marks below!

Hamburg Branding

Smart design encapsulates a mission in a thought provoking and aesthetic way. In this rebrand for Hamburg Construction we created a mark that holds all three aspects of their service lines while representing the “h” for Hamburg. The three lines of the “h” stand for residential, commercial, and industrial construction.

Endurance Branding

The Endurance visual identity system was designed to provide a bold and distinctive brand presence that inspired trust in its audience. The mark features a three-masted ship representing each of its core service offerings. The Endurance type was customized to emulate the angular shapes of a sail. You could say everything here is definitely ship-shape.

This mark was created for HoldFast Gear’s Ranger line. To put it simply it is adventure-ready gear for our furry friends. The logo symbolizes the tenacity, durability, and adventurous spirit that HoldFast Gear brings to every piece they create.

We were recently asked by a client to do the unthinkable…fuse steampunk with a whimsical coffee experience and blend it into a brand. Thus the legend of Professor Punk was born. In order to drive sales, excitement, and caffeine lovers everywhere, we created this brand experience. From Professor Punk’s coffee top hat to the eccentric design of his emporium, everything was made to heighten customer experience and further per cap revenue in the theme park.

This mark was created to help bring a new brand presence to life for the city of Tulsa. It was made to encourage people in the community to blaze their own trails and leave a legacy worth remembering. 

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