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Lake Compounce

Behind The Brand

Old Things Made New

Established in 1846, Lake Compounce is the oldest continually-operating theme park in North America (Note: that’s pre-Civil War, kids). It’s a charming park filled with the memories and nostalgia of families who have made Lake Compounce a summer tradition for generations.

Our previous branding and environmental design work with SeaWorld and Busch Gardens provided the opportunity to visit beautiful Bristol, Connecticut, and conduct a comprehensive assessment of their park. Our mission: To provide recommendations and solutions that would help Lake Compounce enhance its guest experience and bring some new energy to this historic park.

National Treasure

Our initial perceptions of Lake Compounce, based on our experience with their website and brand identity, didn’t do the park justice. From its natural setting featuring a mountain backdrop to its colonial architecture and eclectic mix of attractions, Lake Compounce felt it belonged in a Wes Anderson film.

But its generic brand identity was better suited for an amusement park filled with modern steel rollercoasters. It did not accurately reflect the actual park experience. With that in mind, and since 2021 was Lake Compounce’s 175th anniversary, it was a perfect time to make a branding transition.

Evolving The Brand

This new identity pays homage to their historic past and iconic attractions while boldly positioning the park for the future.

Expanding The Language

In addition to creating a distinct logo that captured the essence of Lake Compounce, we also developed a flexible identity system to meet a variety of needs and applications. Inspired by the park’s heritage, we expanded Lake Compounce’s color palette and established new patterns and supporting iconography. These icons are easily recognizable and are used for wayfinding throughout the park. The expanded brand language – which balances vintage and modern elements – gave Lake Compounce an authentic platform to tell timeless stories to the next generation. See more branding HERE.

Bringing It All Together

To learn more about this project and Lake Compounce’s rebranding, check out this story.

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