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A New Era Of Amusement


Established in 1898, Kennywood is an amusement park unlike any other. It’s a timeless tradition and right of passage that has been passed on to generations of passionate Pittsburghers and thrill-seekers. 

Kennywood invited Hampton Creative to reimagine and visually transform the park in time for their 2022 season-opening and 125th Anniversary Celebration. And boy, did we ever. 

From launching the marketing campaign to cooking up exciting new environmental experiences for guests (including classic coasters and retail spaces), Hampton brought the branding goods to the party.

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Classic Kennywood Icons

Expanding The Visual Language

Experience is in the details. Working with Kennywood’s beloved cast of characters, restaurants, and attractions, we were proud to transform them into Kennywood icons.

The custom graphics were integrated throughout the park on murals, pole banners, and the entrance to the famous Kennywood tunnel. By putting a new spin on classic Kennywood faves, we offered guests an authentic sense of arrival that invited sharable moments for photo ops and social posts.

One lifelong Kennywood fan referred to our work as a “love letter to Kennywood,” and she wasn’t wrong. By respecting Kennywood’s heritage, we were able to thoughtfully create artwork that inspired Pittsburghers of all ages to recount their favorite memories at the historic park. 

Environmental Transformation

Redefining The Park Experience
Plaza Entrance
Entrance Tunnel
Welcome Sign
Old Mill
Jack Rabbit
Gift Shop
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125th Anniversary Campaign

Timeless Fun. Cherished Memories.

How do you celebrate 125 years of timeless fun and get people pumped for what’s next? With a hype video, of course! This included the triumphant return of the Kangaroo, a sneak peek at the transformation in progress, and new events like Bites and Pints and Holiday Lights. Part nostalgia, part sizzle, the video gave Pittsburghers the fever for the upcoming season and jumpstarted season ticket sales.

Pointing Towards The Future

Kennywood’s iconic arrow signs have directed generations of park-goers towards good times and great memories with family and friends. To honor Kennywood’s epic 125th-anniversary campaign, we created a celebratory logo that leveraged the affinity of the iconic arrow to look forward to the next era of amusement with great expectation.

Supporting marketing messages and slogans were developed to proudly proclaim Kennywood’s unique relationship with the city of Pittsburgh and amusement enthusiasts across generations. The campaign branding was used in various applications, including merchandise and digital marketing created to welcome guests back to Kennywood with open arms. 

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