John 3:16 Website

Many Journeys.
One Place of Hope.

With every website project we tackle, there is always a great sense of purpose to ensure the site interface and content connect with its audience. This sense of drive takes an even higher calling for a project like the John 3:16 Mission website.

Building on a significant rebrand we tackled earlier in the year, the site visually reflects the new life and energy in the organization’s image. But the site redesign is much deeper than cosmetic; it must understand and resonate with two distinct audiences. In fact, the dual audience of the site was one of the biggest challenges we tackled. Approximately half of the site’s visitors come to give and serve, and the other half are people trying to find help and resources. While the content would be similar, we needed to control the individual journey through the site. Understanding the unique needs and journeys was critical to the site’s success.

Our solution was to create a donor-facing site with the main navigation geared toward the donor and volunteer audience. In tandem, we created a “Get Help” hub that clearly directs anyone needing help to the correct places. We created separate content and pages for those who needed help, speaking directly to them and their needs and giving them direct access to support and how-tos.

All of the purposeful site architecture seamlessly works with the site interface to provide an easy-to-navigate and intuitive experience to further the mission of John 3:16.

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