John 3:16 Placemaking

Creating A Place of Hope.

John 3:16 Mission has ministered hope to Tulsa’s homeless population for over 70 years. We partnered with them to develop a comprehensive rebrand, web update, and to bring placemaking to their facilities. The art of placemaking (environmental design) transforms walls, glass, and concrete into a place with heart and purpose. And that is what we created within their Hardesty Women’s Center. We wanted to create a place where women could feel seen, loved, and encouraged in all areas of their lives. This meant creating an environment that was welcoming and peaceful. We did this in a myriad of ways. One way was building an interactive mirror wall reminding guests that they are always loved. Another was enhancing community areas with art and design that furthered this healing aesthetic we were going for. We also brought in the elements of the rebrand we did earlier in the year, which informed all signage and design.


We are so grateful to have worked with such an impactful organization, and we know their best days are ahead! 🙌

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