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Change for good. Hampton Creative had the privilege to reimagine a new logo for Eastpointe Community Schools in Detroit, MI (formerly known as East Detroit Public Schools). Below is an outtake from a recent an C&G News article which explains the transition, the reveal, and ongoing implementation of the new design.—FROM C&G NEWS:


EASTPOINTE — Shamrock pride will stay the same, but East Detroit Public Schools now has a new name.

On July 1, 1952, the district became East Detroit Public Schools, and 65 years later the East Detroit Board of Education has renamed the district as Eastpointe Community Schools. The change went into effect July 1 and also affected the names of some buildings and programs, including East Detroit High School, which is now Eastpointe High School.

East Detroit High School alumni, parents, coaches and current students who attended the Board of Education meeting June 5 at Eastpointe City Hall were not in favor of the vote to change the names, and they spoke out during a public hearing.

The June 5 meeting was held for the board to vote on a resolution to effectuate the name change, which it did unanimously.

Eastpointe Community Schools Assistant Superintendent Christina Gibson said the new logo will incorporate the old with the new.

The old logo consisted of an “ED” with a circle around the letters. The East Detroit High School mascot is the shamrock.


The new logo implements the shamrock inside a circle, with “Eastpointe Community Schools” to the right of the shamrock.

The district also has a badge that will be utilized for social media. The badge is a green circle with a shamrock inside the top of the circle. “Eastpointe Community Schools” is in the middle of the circle, and a star is at the bottom of the circle.

“We wanted to keep the shamrock in the logo to try to unite the community with the school district,” said Gibson.

“It’s cool that the logo keeps the shamrock but then celebrates the name of the city and the community we serve,” she said.

Gibson said school board President Jon S. Gruenberg and Vice President Karren MacKool have been “adamant” about having local control, local schools and a strong community.

“That’s the reason why they felt they needed to go forward with the name change, and the logo is a representation of that,” she said.

“The process began earlier in the year, and then it just fit seamlessly with the name change of the district,” said Gibson.

Gibson also believes there will be momentum going into the fall with the renaming because of summer programs.

“There’s going to be this momentum, because the kids will be outside and they’ll be starting to change and shift their messaging. We’re hoping that the synergy of all these great forces and great people coming together working for the community carries on throughout the school year,” said Gibson.

ECS Marketing and Communication Coordinator Francesca Lucido explained the concept and development of the logo.

“This logo nods back to the rich and proud heritage of East Detroit Public Schools and features a modernized and simplified shamrock. The overall approach is sophisticated and clean, while still communicating a welcoming feel. The confident sans serif font positions the Eastpointe Community Schools as a forward-thinking district,” said Lucido.

According to Lucido, the district worked collaboratively with a marketing firm, Hampton Creative, to develop the finished logos.

As of July 1, Kellwood Alternative Learning Center is now Eastpointe Alternative Learning Center, East Detroit Virtual Academy is now Eastpointe Virtual Academy, Kelly Middle School is now Eastpointe Middle School, and Eastpointe Early Learning Center will open in the fall.

Taken from C&G News. See the full article here

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