Child Advocacy Network

Rebranding The Child Advocacy Network. 🐻

Providing a comprehensive rebrand is something we love doing. Ensuring the new brand maintains its integrity and cohesiveness helps us all sleep a little better at night. This was the case with The Child Advocacy Network (CAN).

During our discovery process, we launched a brand audit involving extensive research to better understand the client’s goals and objectives. It was not long until several concerns and issues regarding their name, Child Abuse Network, became apparent. The name was putting families on edge by grouping all categories into abuse. It also needed to be indicative of the organization’s operation and mission. Lastly, the name was communicating fear instead of hope. Our team proposed pivoting from the word “abuse” to “advocacy.” The new name of Child Advocacy Network addresses these concerns and keeps the equity of the CAN acronym, which is commonly used in referring to the organization.

Next, our team developed a visual identity to verbally communicate what the rename was saying. Each piece of the CAN logo mirrors a facet of their mission: to provide collaborative intervention services to child abuse victims to encourage them to embrace a future driven by hope. The home in the mark represents safety, protection, and belonging, while the window panes represent their core pillars facilitating healing and hope.

Additionally, we provided CAN with a comprehensive rollout plan to effectively announce and position the new brand. We are honored to have worked with such an amazing organization!

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