The Blue Whale Visitor Center

Our team had a whale of a time designing this welcome center! 

As a part of our creative initiative with the City of Catoosa and Route 66 landmark, The Blue Whale, we have developed a completely new experience for locals and road trip enthusiasts.

The Welcome Center now serves as a focal entrance for the park. It is a branded building that tells a story and delivers everything from modern restrooms to unique, 24/7 revenue opportunities—allowing the city to earn needed revenue without the costly overhead. The overall aesthetic is a modern take on a 1950s/60s-era gas station, complete with a vintage neon sign. A unique “whale tail” roof design sits on top to echo the Blue Whale narrative. We also created the “Chiller Whale,” a tasty branded experience. It will feature a delicious scoop of ice cream served in the iconic Blue Whale hat!

Stay tuned for exciting updates on this project, and visit our site to see the full park run-through. 🙌


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