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Bites & Pints

Love at First Bite

We love creating branded experiences that surprise and delight. So when Palace Entertainment asked us to develop a fresh concept for their new food and drink festival, we cooked up a culinary creation guaranteed to tantalize tastebuds. The key ingredient to branding this new “can’t-miss” event was to draw new guests to the park and to support the company’s season pass growth strategy. Both Lake Compounce and Kennywood amusement parks rolled out the concept in their respective markets to rave reviews.

Selling The Sizzle

We were drooling a bit at the notion of developing a food and drink festival from scratch. But not just any event would do. No, this one had to stand out from the smorgasbord of similar events and create a stir…a sharable event guests could really sink their teeth into. We set out to do just that by adding a dash of personality into the visual and verbal identity.

The first step was to craft a fun and memorable name while giving guests a glimpse of the gastro goodness that awaited them. We then blended in the supporting marketing messages, which were leveraged for in-park environmental signage, social media, and email marketing. For the second course, we unveiled the official Bite Club Rules for a playful pop culture reference. The first rule of Bite Club: You do not talk about Bite Club (with food in your mouth).

Bring Your Stretchy Pants

We made it fun and easy for park guests to sample the event with tasteful touchpoints sprinkled throughout the park. All event elements – from dimensional signage, pole banners, selfie installations, and the 16′ high event portal – worked together to tempt tastebuds.

It’s been a thrill to partner with Palace Entertainment on this savory summer event, and we’re extremely satisfied to know Bites and Pints will be a hit for years to come!

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