Work That Matters

Advertising agencies love to create clever slogans for their clients. While we’ve certainly coined our fair share of tag lines, we find it odd that most agencies don’t (or won’t) do the same for themselves. Until now.

Perhaps the fear of getting placed into a tidy little box of a niche vertical – healthcare, energy, luxury snowshoes – and the possible financial repercussions, are enough of a barrier to keep agencies from taking a position and making a statement about who they really are.

But isn’t that the point? To know yourself, and to focus your energy, talents, and expertise on doing work that aligns with your values and beliefs…to do work that truly matters, even at the expense of “missing out” on opportunities?  We say yes.

While we’ve had the privilege of producing some exceptional work for our for-profit clients which we’re extremely proud of, our heart – and our mission – is to serve and work with our non-profit clients (we prefer the term “for-purpose”) who are dedicated to their vision of doing something bigger…organizations who are committed to work that’s significant, offering people hope and bringing about real life change.

And so, we’ve come to a place as an agency and a company, where we’re intentionally focusing our talents and abilities on just one thing: Work That Matters.

So how does this epiphany change our day-to-day operations?  I think we begin by asking ourselves:  “How can we best help our clients promote their work that matters?”

And when we do that, we’re in turn doing work that matters to them, to our team, and to the millions of people who are touched by our collective efforts in some way.

We’ll be sharing work that matters with you – our fans, friends, business associates, and social followers – with the hope that it inspires you to do the same thing…to do work that matters.

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