The Value of An Agency Partnership

One of the great things about working for an advertising agency like Hampton Creative is the exposure to a variety of different people, businesses, and projects.  We have the opportunity to do what we love, and we truly love what we do…is there anything better?  Of course, we’re occasionally approached by a potential client who has a half-baked idea or business plan that clearly has FAIL written all over it.

Rather than have the client invest good money in a concept that will ultimately go nowhere fast, we firmly believe that it’s our fiduciary responsibility as an Agency Partner to be frank in our assessment of said project, and to help our client to look at it critically through the eyes of her audience. If there isn’t an “ah-ha” moment or high get-it factor, chances are it’s either a bad idea and one that your customers won’t get either, or the idea needs additional thought and time to be viable (and profitable).

Experienced agencies should be accomplished problem-solvers – merely not order-takers – and it’s our job to ask the hard questions and encourage critical analysis on the front end to ensure long-term success and a profitable partnership.  Obviously, we are in business for new business, but if we can save a client from herself – saving the client money, time and heartburn in the process – we’ll do it.

Every agency has its own stories to tell about clients with “crazy” ideas.  We like crazy ideas. The challenge lies in taking that idea – collaborating with the client – and finding out how we can tweak the initial concept to make it work.  We always want to push our clients slightly out of their comfort zone, in order to take them to greater heights.  Because at the end of the day, our goal is to always deliver a product that exceeds what the client envisioned on her own. That’s what you hired us for, isn’t it?

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