2014 Crisis Pregnancy Outreach Gala

It was February of 2013, and I was attending a local advertising awards show. After a three-year hiatus, our agency came storming back with a comprehensive body of work I was proud of. So, we invested thousands of dollars to show our stuff and brought the entire team to this industry shin-dig.

Unfortunately, the event was poorly organized, and we left that night with ONE really nice acrylic trophy to show for all of our efforts. Sure, it’s not all about the awards, (right?) but I was still frustrated to say the least. The entire event seemed like a complete misuse of time, energy, and resources.

I began to ask myself, “Couldn’t this investment we just made be better used towards helping an organization that could put it to good use?”

I decided that night our agency would choose an organization and use all our services toward giving back. Crisis Pregnancy Outreach was a local organization we were familiar with and we believed in their mission, so we approached them with an offer they couldn’t refuse.

Working with and for CPO for the last 14 months has been unbelievably rewarding. In that time, we created a new brand and developed a responsive new website that allows this for-purpose organization to accept recurring online donations.

We then shifted gears and began putting our collective energies and talents towards making the CPO Annual Gala a night that wouldn’t be forgotten. I’m proud to say that every member of our agency worked on every element of this event. (see tabs below).

Fast forward to March 28, 2014. This night, our team is gathered together again with high hopes and expectations. But this time, it’s for a completely different purpose: To celebrate a year of doing Work that Matters for such a worthy organization.

This night we found a new purpose as an agency. This night, every member of our team walked away a winner. And this time, the win was not measured in trophies, it was measured in the transformed lives of women, children, and families who sought out CPO in their darkest hour and walked away with hope. And NOTHING that can ever take that away.

2014 Crisis Pregnancy Outreach Gala from Concept to Celebration.

CPO_Celebrate-Life_Concepts-5 CPO_Celebrate-Life_Concepts-4 CPO_Celebrate-Life_Concepts-3 CPO_Celebrate-Life_Concepts-2 CPO_Celebrate-Life_Concepts-1CPO_Celebrate-Life_Concepts-8 CPO_Celebrate-Life_Concepts-7

cpobuild1cpobuild2                         cpobuild3cpobuild4cpobuild5cpobuild6cpobuild7cpobuild8cpobuild9cpobuild10cpobuild11cpobuild12cpobuild13cpobuild14cpobuild15cpobuild16cpobuild18cpobuild20cpobuild19cpobuild21cpobuild22cpobuild23cpobuild24cpobuild28 cpobuild29cpobuild25cpobuild26cpobuild27IMG_6554_edit


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Donna Anderson
April 16, 2014 4:16 pm

I really enjoyed reading about this project and applaud you all for what you’ve done!!!

Jordan Egstad
April 16, 2014 5:13 pm

So happy to see everything went so well with the Gala. The string installation turned out great! Another job well done. Hope you all are doing well!


Joan Hampton
April 18, 2014 12:47 pm

You asked, you listened, God spoke .
If only the world could grasp the simplicity
of that concept. Your creative gifts
and your hearts for The Lord are finding
all of you in the place of His calling on
your lives…touching, saving and loving
people with His love. You are His hands
and His feet to the great needs of a
hungry, hurting world.. This is that example.

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