The Unbelievable Story

  • On October 4, 2013
  • Hampton Creative, Dayspring International

Dayspring International has a mission, to transform villages all across India, by engaging each person with powerful, culturally relevant media, establishing local churches as strategic centers of influence in the communities, and elevating the individual through education, training and development.

We approached DSI’s annual ministry report with a desire to connect the content and powerful imagery of Indian villagers with a custom, handcrafted type. Hand-painted type in India ink and hand-drawn type in Sharpie added an authentic elements to these stories of life change in India.  And while the process took much longer for this 24-page brochure, the client and the project were well-deserving of the extra care.

tus-covertus-transformtus-spread1 tus-spread3 tus-spread2

To learn more about DSI’s mission – or to get involved – go to


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