Try The Opossum Pie

  • On April 1, 2014
  • marketing, Hampton Creative, SEO, Spartan

Why is it that ad agencies rarely participate in the same marketing activities they recommend for their clients? It’s baffling, right?  We thought so too, which is why we gave ourselves the ambitious challenge of organically reaching the top position of Google rankings for several targeted keywords.

Summoning our SEO ninja superpowers we were digitally battering all of our local competitors within three weeks of launching the campaign. Sitting in the coveted #1 position is nice for one’s ego, but it’s even better when those efforts results in attracting high-flying accounts like Spartan College of Aeronautics.

Spartan’s new and recently-transported CMO found Hampton Creative by googling “Tulsa Advertising Agency,”  liked what she saw on our website, and the rest is flight history in the making.

So go on, test it out for yourself here…but please don’t touch the Opossum Pie. It has turned.


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