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Placemaking (environmental branding) is the art and science of creating immersive spaces that provide your audience with unique experiences that influence their perception of your brand and build loyalty.

At Hampton Creative, we have pushed the idea of environmental design further and think of it as “Placemaking.” We believe Placemaking should be educational, inspirational, and transformational. It’s immersive storytelling that your audience can touch and see first-hand. By starting with some straightforward questions – what do we want our audiences to know, feel, and do? – we map out a strategy and develop spaces that authentically extend your brand. By crafting and shaping your audience’s experience, we can influence their perception of your brand, build a greater connection, and increase brand loyalty.


Placemaking offers numerous benefits to a university campus. By carefully curating the physical environment, placemaking creates a sense of identity, purpose, and belonging for students, faculty, and visitors. Thoughtful design elements, such as distinctive signage, wayfinding systems, and aesthetic enhancements, enhance the campus’s visual appeal and foster a positive atmosphere. Additionally, placemaking promotes a strong campus community by providing gathering spaces that encourage social interaction and collaboration. This strategic approach transforms the campus into a vibrant, engaging, and inclusive place that supports academic pursuits and enriches the overall college experience.

Food & Beverage

A restaurant can create a unique and memorable atmosphere that sets it apart from competitors by utilizing effective placemaking strategies. Thoughtful interior design, including lighting, decor, and furniture choices, can establish a distinct ambiance and enhance the dining experience. Additionally, well-designed signage, branding elements, and exterior aesthetics contribute to the restaurant’s visibility and appeal, attracting passersby and potential customers. Placemaking also enables the restaurant to establish a cohesive brand identity that aligns with its cuisine, values, and target audience, fostering customer loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations. Ultimately, by investing in placemaking, a restaurant can create a place that invites customers in and keeps them coming back.

Theme Parks & Entertainment

Placemaking holds immense value for a theme park. A theme park can craft immersive and captivating environments that transport visitors into extraordinary worlds by leveraging effective placemaking strategies. Thoughtful theming, architectural design and landscaping can create cohesive and authentic experiences that align with the park’s themes and attractions. From intricate signage to meticulously crafted details, every aspect of placemaking helps to foster a sense of wonder and adventure. Additionally, well-designed pathways, seating areas, and rest zones contribute to visitor comfort and enjoyment, ensuring a memorable visit. By employing placemaking techniques, a theme park can differentiate itself, strengthen its brand, and cultivate a loyal fan base eager to return for more magical experiences.

Retail Space

Placemaking offers significant advantages to a retail space. By implementing thoughtful placemaking strategies, a retail establishment can create an engaging and immersive environment that entices customers and encourages longer visits. Well-thought-out interior spaces, including strategic layouts and appealing product displays, enhance the overall shopping experience and promote exploration. Well-executed branding elements, such as distinctive signage and cohesive visual identity, help establish a strong brand presence that can attract consumers. Placemaking also enables a retail space to evoke a specific mood or style, aligning with the target market’s preferences and fostering a sense of connection and loyalty. Ultimately, by investing in placemaking, retail space can elevate its image, increase foot traffic, and enhance the overall shopping journey for customers.

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