Rustic Cuff: 12 Days Of Christmas

Brand Development & Web Design

The most wonderful time of year requires that one of the most anticipated marketing campaigns of the year is filled with more wonder than ever. We wanted to shake things up for the Rustic Cuff 12 Days of Christmas campaign, and developed a fun and interactive concept revolving around one of Jill Donovan’s favorite things…snow globes! Each day of the campaign, Rustic Cuff customers received an email containing a new snow globe that they physically shook on their mobile device, creating a flurry of snow (and web traffic). When the snow cleared, the special Rustic Cuff product and deal of the day was revealed. The Rustic Cuff home page was also refreshed daily at 9:00 am with a new snow globe and deal of the day.
But the holiday magic didn’t stop there. This year we elevated the Christmas campaign up a to an entirely new level for both Rustic Cuff and Hampton Creative. Using the theme and characters from the 12 snow globes as our inspiration, we collaborated with Rustic Cuff to write and design a special children’s book titled, “Jingle Bell Jill And The Amazing Snow Globe Adventure.” The book was bundled with a special product and packaging on the final day of the email campaign. We love helping awesome brands like Rustic Cuff surprise and delight their customers by making email marketing fun again. The opportunity to work on a children’s book was our favorite gift of the year!