Every Day with Jesus

Web Design & Development


The Idea

We had a blast designing and developing a fun landing page to help In Touch Ministries promote Dr. Charles Stanley’s first children’s book, Every Day With Jesus.  The concept behind the interactive story allowed users to follow Charlie in his imaginary hot air balloon adventure. Along the way, Charlie is reminded of Biblical principals from the daily devotional which help him navigate his balloon and overcome challenges.

The Execution

The blend of a whimsical illustration style and an animated scrolling experience, puts the user inside the hot air ballon with Charlie. This interesting dynamic was intended to make Charlie’s daily encounters relatable, as he experiences new friendship, battles fear in the form of a fire-breathing dragon, and remains steady in the face of a dangerous lighting storm. In the end, Charlie makes it home safely, as his balloon gently descends into the book, guiding users to download a free excerpt or to order the book.