This is Placemaking

Something More.

A house is like a blank canvas, but it becomes a home when the people who live in it add their own colors, personality, and memories, just like a painter brings life to a canvas with brushstrokes. In the same way, a space within a theme park, retail store, or restaurant is just a location until intentional efforts are made to make something more, something memorable.
When this happens, a place is made.


Branding & Strategy

Place- making

“There is a magic in that
little world, home;

it is a mystic circle that surrounds comforts and virtues never known beyond its hollowed limits.”

Robert Southey

We are the stories we tell.

To borrow from Robert Southey, brands are a “magic little world.” A set of signifiers (verbal and visual stories) that communicate your mission, values, culture, product, and more. They define how you want to be seen and understood by those you invite into your “mystic circle.”

As brand creators and storytellers—our passion is to build experiences and tell stories that connect people to place and to each other through the power of design. This is placemaking. Through a multidisciplinary approach, we turn undefined spaces into intentional places where casual customers become raving fans, and everyday experiences become meaningful connections.

Environmental Graphic Design Naming, Branding, Identity Content Development Messaging, Storytelling
Signage, Wayfinding Experience Design Sharable Moment Activations
Retail Design Interior & Decor Design Custom Murals Marketing & Promotional Strategy

See our Placemaking in...


Community and Collaboration. Academic Growth and Social Interaction. Placemaking transforms the campus atmosphere and enhances the university experience.

Food & Beverage

An experience aligned with the brand and its cuisine. Placemaking strategies elevate a restaurant’s atmosphere, establish a unique ambiance and ensure a memorable dining experience.

Theme Parks & Entertainment

An immersive environment that transports visitors into extraordinary worlds. Placemaking strategies differentiate your theme park, strengthen your brand, and cultivate loyal fans.

Retail Space

Entice your customers from the entrance to check out. Placemaking creates a captivating shopping journey that attracts customers, encourages exploration, and fosters connection.

Our Process



What’s Your Story?

Because you can’t tell a story you don’t know, our process begins by interviewing your team to gain insight into your organization, brand, goals, audience, and visual preferences. We then discuss our findings with your team and use them to establish guardrails for our design phase.

– Define the problem
– Audits, assessments
– Establish project goals
– Research, gather information
– Interviews
– Site visits

Laying a Foundation

A multi-disciplinary alchemy, placemaking is part art, part science. In this phase, we shape the brand story and strategy from our discovery phase into something people can enter, interact with, and inhabit. We turn undefined spaces into dynamic places with a strong identity, purpose, and belonging.

– Ideation, strategic planning, recommendations
– Naming, branding, identity development
– Visual development
– Design, illustration, animation
– Conceptual renders, elevations, plan views
– Verbal development
– Brand story and message development
– Content creation

Driving it Home.

From providing a robust deck full of recommendations your team can use as a master plan to delivering a detailed documentation set and art files ready for bidding and production to providing oversight and coordination during the build process, we will equip you with everything you need to make your projects become a reality.

– Recommendations
– Project documentation
– Project coordination
– Deliverables
– Print ready art files
– Models, elevations, wireframe

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