Chilling In The Logo Lounge With Brian Fowler

Hampsters In The News: Congratulations to Brian Fowler on the publication of his logo in the 10th edition of Logo Lounge. Only 2,000 logos – from more than 40,000 nationwide submissions – were chosen to be included in the prestigious publication. For a lifelong creative and designer, having your work published in Logo Lounge is kind of a big freaking deal.

Brian’s logo was developed for his personal passion and side project, SheepDog Defense. SheepDog is a brand dedicated to armed protectors who go out of their way to project and serve their families and communities in times of crisis.

According to Brian, “a Sheepdog is a responsible armed civilian who, in their heart, feel they must act to protect their family and fellow man in time of a violent act, even when they know their actions may result in harm, or even death, to themselves.


We sat down with Brian to learn more about the inspiration and story behind SheepDog:

Q: Brian, congratulations on being included in Logo Lounge – that’s huge! For those who don’t know you, what’s your role here at Hampton and what do you enjoy most?

I’m a creative with 20+ years experience in graphic design and direction. Many of those years were spent in design studios, ministries, corporations, and design agencies. I’m now over operations at Hampton Creative, overseeing the day-to-day workings of the agency, while still being an integral part of the design team. My favorite part of my job is seeing the work we create move our clients forward. My second favorite is playing ping-pong.

Q: Where did the concept for “SheepDog Defense” come from, and why is it so personally important to you?

The idea for Sheepdog Defense was born about 7 years ago when I first heard the term “sheepdog” from an outdoor gear reviewer on YouTube. He credited Lieutenant Colonel David Grossman for coining the term. Grossman is retired lieutenant colonel in the United States Army. The sheepdog term comes directly from Grossman’s book, On Combat, published in 2004.

Around that same time, there was a shooting at a well-known local establishment. It made me think hard about what role I could have played in that scenario. If I had been there, I would have been helpless to protect my family and everyone else. That was when I decided I wanted to have some amount of control and to be able to keep my family safe when we are in public.

Q: Where did you get your design inspiration? 

This design revolves all around the sheepdog. If you’ve ever seen a sheepdog in action, you get a sense of their purpose very quickly. A sheepdog is a very loyal breed of dogs, raised for the protection of…wait for it…sheep. They’re actually very kind and gentle and great with children and adults. Their job is to protect the flock, so you won’t see them get aggressive until they have to respond to danger. This is why I added the word “defense” to the brand name. I never want to come across as someone looking for a fight. I simply wanted to be able to protect my flock when I need to.

Q: So how can people learn more and get involved with SheepDog Defense?

I really wanted people to have a brand – and mindset – like-minded folks could relate to and engage with daily. I currently have a Facebook page where I’ve set it up as a forum for gear updates, potential gun law changes and news. You can see learn more about SheepDog at

Q: What does it take to be a sheepdog? Are you required to carry a weapon?

To be a sheepdog, you simply have to be willing and able to step into a situation when others may be potentially harmed. You don’t have to always be armed to be a sheepdog. A good sheepdog will always try to calm a situation down if possible. Being armed is simply an added tool that is only to be used when deadly force is needed.

I always ask myself, what tools would I need for the worst situation? So I tend to carry a firearm almost all of the time. I carry my firearm in a way that no one would ever know it’s there. I’m interested in the element of surprise. A sheepdog is not trying to draw attention to themselves, yet they are ready and watching to protect at all times.

Q: So, just to clarify – you do have a concealed carry permit, right?

Yes, definitely!

Q: Where do you want to see “SheepDog” in the next 5 years? What are your long term plans with the brand?

At some point, I’d like to open a SheepDog gear shop – either online or mortar and brick – that would supply all types of gear such as guns, holsters, knives, apparel, flashlights etc.

Q: Tell us a little bit about the Logo Lounge book and why its such a big honor to get in?

As a designer, Logo Lounge has been one of my favorite design inspiration sources because it’s very well organized, and it’s judged by award-winning designers. There have been some fantastic designs and designers featured in the book; I’m humbled to be included with such company.

Q: We can’t wait to pick up a copy of Logo Lounge Book 10! Is there a chance you’ll be signing copies at Tulsa-area Barnes and Nobles?

Um…yeah, sure. In the words of Doc Holiday – an OG sheepdog if there ever was one – “I’m you’re huckleberry.”

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Susie lee
June 28, 2017 4:36 pm

Awesome article Brian, so proud of you and your work!!!!

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