Celebrating 19 Years of Hampton Creative

The Edge of Another Decade at Hampton Creative

19. I can clearly remember those first few days as we opened our doors for business on July 5, 2002. Me, my wife, Krystal and, two associates, the start of an adventure! Excitement. Freedom. An honest apprehension coupled with humility and a total dependency on the God who called us out of the safety and comfort of working for someone else. Relying 100% on His grace and our passion for serving our clients at all costs.

As we look back on these 19 years, a few things stand out: lots of prayer, lots of big asks. And a relentless team of people who have been called to our unique mission: to do Work that Matters. Agency work can be trying on every level, including the heart. Because we never just “work on a project,” we go all-in. We often assume success will result from hard work, technical know-how, prayer, and 100% buy-in to what our clients are trying to achieve. And for the most part, this is the case. However, what happens when things don’t go the way we want? We’ve had choices: to retreat and “never do that again” or to get back on the horse and give it another try. To be unoffendable, to continue to trust, to walk alongside our clients when things are good for them—and in times when things haven’t been so good. This is who we are. And our commitment to our faithful clients.

So many lessons learned in these 19 years. But a few things we are confident in: God knows all things, we clearly do not. And because of that, we depend on Him. This is not a cop-out for us. It’s the source of our collaborative humility. We work hard, we pray hard, we innovate, we communicate, we build on 19 years of wins and a few not-yet wins to serve our clients and see them thrive in all seasons.

Only God knows what year 20 will look like. But we know He will be there! And that brings us great confidence!

– Johnie Hampton, President and CEO

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