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After a brief hiatus from the Addy’s (too many trophies, not enough storage…you know how it is) we’re back this year in a big way.  So for Addy 46, we turned it up to eleven*.

Who doesn’t love getting lots of shiny plastic awards?  Nevertheless, for us, it’s more about taking the opportunity to refocus the spotlight back on our amazing clients.  Because without them, we’d probably just be playing Angry Birds Star Wars. Or ping pong.

Addy 46 winners will be announced on Saturday, Feb. 16th, so we’ll keep you in the loop and let you know the good news next month. In the meantime, you can take a sneak peek at a few of our Addy entries here.

* Bonus: Watch the inspirational video behind our Addy 46 efforts here.

Beauform Logo
BeauForm, Logo

About: BeauForm is a high-end furniture designer specializing in concept and fabrication of custom pieces by hand using concrete and reclaimed materials. The client wanted a logo that was refined, understated, and simple enough to be stamped or branded into his furniture.  Sidenote: BeauForm created our nifty (and uber heavy) conference table and was really fantastic to collaborate with.  New BeauForm responsibve website will be up soon; until then, check ’em out on Facebook.

Joe Mcgee Marriage Building

Client: Joe McGee Ministries

Entry: Seminar Collateral /Illustration

About: When Joe McGee, a well-respected national speaker on marriage and family approached us about designing his new seminar entitled “Marriage Building 101,” we’re pretty sure he had no idea what he was in for.  In a day when marriage seminars can seem overworked and over/under art-directed, we wanted to deliver an illustrative style that would represent Joe’s “laugh and learn” approach to the topic of marriage. There’s so much attention to detail in this illustration, we can’t stop looking at it and discovering new things every time.

Client: In Touch Ministries, Dr. Charles Stanley

Entry: Quote Book / Packaging

About: In the spring of 2012, we were contracted by InTouch Ministries to design a quote book that features nearly 50 years of quotes from the sermons of Dr. Stanley. Because of the unique nature of a book so long in the making, we wanted to design something greater than just a leather-bound book. We wanted it to feel like the treasure that it is. So we custom-designed a special box, and in it nests this “treasure” of quotes in a leather-bound book with a copper foiled cover. The book is entitled “Walking with God and is available at

Rooster Days Landing Page

Client: Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce

Entry: Digital Advertising / Microsites

About: Rooster Days is the oldest and featheryist festival in the great state of Oklahoma. What began as an excuse to get rid of an excess inventory of Roosters over 82 years ago has turned into a three-day extravaganza of carnival rides, carnival food, live music, and generally good old-fashioned family fun.  Mmm…corndog pizza.

We worked with the BA Chamber to re-brand and strategically market the event to the Greater Tulsa festival goers and party people.  After experiencing the most successful Rooster Days in the summer of 2012, we created a festive microsite for 2013 that hinted at simpler times, when a man could throw a rooster off a roof and no one would blink an eye.  Mission accomplished.

Client: OSCIPA

Entry: Collateral Material / Special Events Card

About:  We love Christmas.  And we love creating custom Christmas cards which reflect the unique characteristics of our clients. The card we designed for OSCIPA this past Christmas, was a fresh take on the traditional ugly Christmas sweater.  The detail and nubby texture on this card warmed the cockles of OSCIPA’s members’ hearts and made us want to sit next to a crackling fire with a mug of hot cocoa.

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