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Dylan Allen: New Guy, Renaissance Man.

Numbers don’t lie. Analytics provide insights which allow our clients to make informed business decisions based on quantitative data. We’re using Google Analytics to track the same customer across multiple sessions, and attribute sales revenue to multiple marketing channels such as social media, email marketing, and paid search.

Becoming a Hampster: The Story of an Intern

I met Johnie Hampton just before graduating high school. I remember telling him I liked to keep a journal, and I had hopes of becoming a writer in the future. A few weeks later, I received a custom Hampton Creative journal in the mail with a note from Johnie encouraging me to run after my passion…

2014 Crisis Pregnancy Outreach Gala

It was February of 2013, and I was attending a local advertising awards show. After a three-year hiatus, our agency came storming back with a comprehensive body of work I was proud of. So, we invested thousands of dollars to show our stuff, and brought the entire team to this industry shin-dig.

Unfortunately, the event was poorly organized, and we left that night with ONE really nice acrylic trophy to show for all of our efforts. Sure, it’s not all about the awards, (right?) but I was still frustrated to say the least. The entire event seemed like a complete misuse of time, energy and resources.

The Unbelievable Story

 Dayspring International has a mission, to transform villages all across India, by engaging each person with powerful, culturally…

Work That Matters

Advertising agencies love to create clever slogans for their clients. While we’ve certainly coined our fair share of tag lines, we find it odd that most agencies don’t (or won’t) do the same for themselves. Until now.

Perhaps the fear of getting placed into a tidy little box of a niche vertical – healthcare, energy, luxury snowshoes – and the possible financial repercussions, are enough of a barrier to keep agencies from taking a position and making a statement about who they really are.

Crisis Pregnancy Outreach

What began as an internal fundraising activity has turned into a partnership between Hampton Creative and Crisis Pregnancy…

The Value of An Agency Partnership

One of the great things about working for an advertising agency like Hampton Creative, is the exposure to a variety of different people, businesses, and projects. We have the opportunity to do what we love, and we truly love what we do…is there anything better?

HOW Design Conference

After the Hampton Creative team attended the well-known, yearly HOW graphic design conference, Chris Ensor talks about his experience there.
This was Hampton Creative’s first time attending the HOW design conference. Why did you decide to attend this year?

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