Everyone loves a heart-felt story, a life-changing experience, or helping someone with a need.
At Hampton Creative, our mission is clear: to focus our energy, talents and expertise
on doing work that aligns with our values and beliefs—work that matters.


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Our People

Johnie Hampton

President, CEO

Johnie Hampton has been in the creative industry for 22 years, focusing primarily on development and fundraising design. His expertise has given wings to some pretty great ideas—helping raise millions of dollars for national and international organizations. Currently, Johnie spends his time consulting with international non-profit brands and running the good ship Hampton Creative.

Brian Fowler


Brian is the guy who ensures everything runs fluid at Hampton Creative. He has dedicated half his life to design and client management. With over 20 years’ experience in brand development, print design, packaging, illustration, donor development and outdoor advertising, there’s no project that’s too difficult for him! Currently he manages the day-to-day operations at Hampton Creative while still using his experience in the creative process. 

Kris Oakes

Interactive Lead

Kris Oakes has over 15 years of commercial experience helping businesses grow their brands through web design, marketing/advertising, and social media. He currently leads our talented interactive team consisting of web designers and developers who are leading the way in mobile and online applications in support of our clients’ online marketing and social media initiatives.

Nate Olsen

Creative Lead

With a background in print, branding, and environmental design, Nate is a multi-disciplinary artist/designer. He has been a graffiti artist for over 20 years and has painted large format murals all over the US of A. When it comes to design philosophy, Nate’s is, “beautifully simple.” He loves the challenge and fulfillment of working alongside our clients to help them tell their story.

Christian Ensor

Marketing Lead

Chris Ensor has 15 years of B2B and B2C advertising and marketing expertise and has worked alongside national brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Disney. His experience from both the brand and agency side provides him with an insightful perspective our clients value. If you’re looking for someone to provide creative business solutions with effective—and measurable—results, you’ve just met your match.

Kaleb Woolever

Creative Operations Lead

Kaleb Woolever is a self-professed basketball junkie with a background in commercial print & account management. As Creative Ops Lead, he is responsible for helping our clients -and our agency – make the most of our collaborative working experience. Lover of systems and process improvement, Kaleb finds a way to simply make things better!

Minh Lee Goon

Web Developer

Minh Lee has been a web developer for over 20 years, starting as a student at South Dakota State University and coding in Notepad. Since then he’s grown to add more tools, including ColdFusion certification and responsive web development, to his toolkit. He brings this experience to Hampton Creative and works to help realize the online goals and visions of our clients.

David Lichtenwalter

Art Director

David Lichtenwalter is young in the ad industry but has enjoyed working with a prestigious client list including Schlumberger, Cameron, WingStop, Mahindra Tractors, MTV, and Volcom. This variation in work has allowed him to develop a well-rounded approach to every project that he touches.

Claire Theriot

Project Coordinator

Claire Theriot is a multifaceted woman with a background in “organizing people” ranging from teaching pre-k to coordinating volunteers at a non-profit organization. In her free time you can find her playing outside somewhere, but Monday-Friday we make sure to put those interpersonal skills to work. An ideal job for Claire requires attention to procedure and specifications while making sure her teammates stay energized, which is why she is perfect for her role as Project Coordinator.

Anna K. Logan

Graphic Designer

Anna Katherine Logan has a long history of creative endeavors, from hospitality management to music to hand-lettering. An Arkansas native with a passion for encouraging creativity in all aspects of life, she enjoys working on a wide variety of projects. She believes in the importance of collaboration in the creative industry and is always eager to hone her skills. Even off the clock, she is constantly seeking out beautiful things to share with those around her.

Jonny Sleiman

Digital Marketing Specialist

Jonny Sleiman is our token Gen Z’er, bringing a fresh perspective to our digital strategy. At the age of just 13, he kicked off his marketing career, buying and selling cars online. Since then, he’s been actively growing and sharpening these skills, expanding into SEO, SEM, and becoming a Google Partner. In his field, change is constant, so keeping up with these changes is always top priority for him.