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Hampton Creative has over 20 years of crafting brands with purpose. As an independent branding and marketing consultancy, we have helped elevate companies and organizations in various industries worldwide. We believe in going all in, sweating the smallest details, and providing practical, real-world guidance and solutions for our clients.


At the core of Hampton Creative beats the heart of our exceptional team. We’re strategists, marketers, designers, copywriters, and developers with the experience, know-how, and ability to develop and curate results-oriented projects. We love listening, processing, and fearlessly dreaming with you as we tackle your toughest branding and marketing challenges. We’re here to serve.

Johnie Hampton
President, CEO
Johnie Hampton has been in the creative industry for 22 years, focusing primarily on development and fundraising design. His expertise has given wings to some pretty great ideas—helping raise millions of dollars for national and international organizations. Currently, Johnie spends his time consulting with international non-profit brands and running the good ship Hampton Creative.
Nate Olsen
Creative Director
With a background in print, branding, and environmental design, Nate is a multi-disciplinary artist/designer. He has been a graffiti artist for over 20 years and has painted large format murals all over the US of A. When it comes to design philosophy, Nate’s is, “beautifully simple.” He loves the challenge and fulfillment of working alongside our clients to help them tell their stories.
Claire Burns
Director of Account Services
Never one to shy away from a challenge, Claire Burns is the linchpin between our projects and our team, ensuring seamless operations. With her diverse background, ranging from teaching pre-K to directing volunteers at non-profits, she brings a unique perspective to her position. With a talent for crafting effective processes and a keen eye for client satisfaction, Claire keeps our clients taken care of and our team on task with grace and efficiency.
Brian Fowler
Art Director
Brian has dedicated half his life to design and client management. With close to 25 years of experience in brand development, print, environmental, packaging, and donor development, there’s no project that’s too difficult for him!
David Lichtenwalter
Art Director
David Lichtenwalter is young in the ad industry but has enjoyed working with a prestigious client list including Schlumberger, Cameron, WingStop, Mahindra Tractors, MTV, and Volcom. This variation in work has allowed him to develop a well-rounded approach to every project that he touches.
Caroline Sallee
Marketing Strategist
Caroline brings a dynamic blend of marketing strategy and design experience to Hampton Creative. With a background in digital marketing, media management, and design, Caroline is passionate about fostering real connections and driving brands forward with strategy at top of mind. Her diverse skill set is evident in her portfolio, which showcases successful projects with high-profile events, luxury brand collaborations, as well as creative contributions to the hospitality and culinary industries. Caroline enjoys helping clients push creative boundaries, achieve their goals, and bring their visions to life.
Ryann Weaver
Interactive Specialist

Ryann is our in-house web designer and developer with a background in administration, strategic planning, graphic design and non-profit work. The skills she has garnered along the way gives her a unique edge in working with our clients and leading the charge of improving their interactive design and user's web experience. Her love of research, collaborative work, and learning always grows her knowledge base and improves our client outcomes.

Amanda Scott
Client Coordinator
Amanda’s background in Marketing & Creative Operations along with her love for taking care of people makes her the perfect go-between for our internal team and our incredible clients. Her number one focus is to make sure our clients become raving fans by exceeding expectations and delivering on promises. She loves the process of building trust with new clients and making sure every project is excellent. In her downtime, she enjoys doing yard work, reading psychology and leadership books, and fostering for local dog rescues.
Jamie Harrell
Human Resources
Jamie has worked in Human Resources for 17 years. She holds an MBA from Oklahoma State University and a PHR certification. She's been married for 20 years and enjoys spending time with her husband, 2 children, and mini Goldendoodle. She loves to bring the fun to any situation and can see the good in almost anyone. Some fun facts about Jamie: She doesn't like the words milk, loaf, and succulent although we aren't sure exactly why.
Brittany Criddle
Organization and attention to detail come naturally for Brittany Criddle. She finds order and beauty in keeping things tidy – she is like the Marie Kondo of bookkeeping. She keeps the records excellent at Hampton Creative to ensure we interact with our clients efficiently and clearly. Before joining HC, Brittany worked in administrative roles in ministry, small business, and real estate. She is even more of a natural at mothering, and she makes parenting four kids with her husband a fun adventure.

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